Double Side Printed Vinyl Banner



Item Name Weight
Printing  Process Width
Standard packing Thickness   (mm) DPI Material  properties
Double Side Printed Vinyl Banner 470 Outdoor Inkjet Printing Single side print 152 Stacking/Carton Tube 0.4 1080 Soft, waterproof, cold resistant, anti ultraviolet, double side printed
Outdoor Inkjet Printing Double side print 1080
UV printing
Single side print
UV printing Double side print 1440

1.Application Propose: Large advertising banner outdoor, wall advertising, posters, roll up, many kinds display rack

2.Technics:Single side printing, Double sides printing

3.Available in any size according to customer requirements..

4.There are many kinds of materials for making banners. We have many years of production experience, and we can provide the best quality and economical solutions according to your needs. Welcome to consult.

5.Sample fee: It depends on the size and production process, after he customer’s bulk order confirming, we will refund the sample fee.

6.Production time: We are the source factory, the general quantity can be shipped in 1-3 days; the large quantity will also be controlled in 1-3 weeks.

7.After printing, we can do different processing as need.

We are professional manufacturers for various banners, just let us know your request.

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